Video: Daily Market Recap on Small Cap Stocks

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Today we had a handful of gappers including $TBIO and $DCTH and $PBMD.  I was most interested in $TBIO long out of the gates over 2.92 but in pre-market session the stock surged up all the way to 3.30.  I decided to wait to buy until the market opened and in this case it meant paying a much higher price.  I bought at 3.30 right out of the open and road through the pop to 3.44 and sold it flat on the way back down.

I came back and took a few more stabs at $TBIO but in total only pulled about $200 profit out of the name.  I decided to call it a day.  If I can’t pull quick profits in the first 15-20minutes it usually indicates the day will be a bit choppier for me.  The name out of the gates that I missed was $DCTH.  This was I said I liked long over 1.40, and then over 1.44 once the stock popped up a bit more before the open.  Right out of the gates it surged from 1.44 to 1.92.  I missed the quick 48 cent pop on a super cheap stock.  What a disapointment!  I was more focused on $TBIO out of the gates because there was more volume.  Unfortunately I missed the big mover.  I’m ending the week with nice profits and will be excited to come back first thing on Monday morning.

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